Lights, Camera, Double Up the Action!!

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Lights, Camera, Double Up the Action !!!

   If you think all the action is on the runway during New York Fashion Week – think again! There’s TWICE as much happening backstage! Actually, make that four times as much – hair, makeup, nails, dressers – there’s a large team getting each model dressed and stage-ready for their catwalk.

One of the things I noticed throughout the different venues, (aside from the yelling across the room and the mad dash to get it all done within a specific time frame), is how pleased the models seem to be with the looks they were painted! This made me smile. It meant that some of these looks can easily be transferred from the runway to realway! In NYC, every subway platform and every crowded sidewalk IS a runway!

Of course, there were one or two shows where I saw the brown girls painted more brown-red than their sun kissed skin tone required them to be… but, that’s a whole other story for a whole other day. I honestly thought that after Jourdan Dunn voiced her complaint via Twitter about this mismatching melee, colour corrections would have been made this season… guess not!

– Gayle Pilgrim –