Alvin Ailey in Milan, Italy
Alvin Ailey in Milan, Italy. Ailey was in Milan teaching a performance at La Scala.

There are several meanings of the word “Verve.”  There are a number of connotations. And we aspire to all of them.

The spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance “vivacity, energy and vitality,” is the definition in Merriam-Webster, and an early usage referred to a special ability or talent.

All of which we aspire to bring to you. The vast wells of talent and ability, energy and vitality throughout our society.

We start with “fashion” because it is with us, both obvious and subtle. It is historically significant and reveals much about us. It signals our tribalism, and what we perceive about ourselves. But fashion, just as the clothing we put on every day, is just a starting point. It goes deeper, broader, wider and further.

“Verve” as a meaning, looks at our present and our future.

“Verve” as a choice of name, pays homage to iconic figures who have laid a groundwork for all of us. In fashion, in beauty, in music, in dance, and the people with special abilities and talents who we feel you should know about.

We hope we don’t disappoint you. And we hope that the world will enjoy the energy, vitality and vitality that these minds, bodies and spirits contribute to our world.