Verve Fashion

                F/FFFFF is defined by the wit and satire of Zac Zeng. It is primarily a men’s line with some items thrown in for women. Borne of a sports company and driving for a street style, Zeng draws on his lifelong background of his family’s involvement with the garment industry in working with materials, creating combinations and unusual cuts.    A color palette that includes bright red, purple, yellow and green, seem more accessible to a Japanese audience that is exposed to manga and hentai characters than American and European streetwear audiences that are influenced by activities and athletic origins. American streetwear lines have political and geographical origins (Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, Chicago, LA, Malcolm X, Standing Rock), but also ties to athletic wear, and work wear.

   Zeng’s long sleeved (to the floor), purple unitard with wide fishnet and echoing white backpack strappings, shiny red, green and purple rain jackets with matching shower caps, mocks a society of conformity, and complacency.

– Phillip Wong –