C+ Series

Verve Fashion

             C+Series showing in New York is the new line of Liu Junting. Liu came from the film world where he had been a disciple of Li An. Previously designing C.T. Liu and Chaber C+, he split away to show in NYFW and in Shanghai with his Spring collection.

     Showing a sophisticated range of designs, beautiful fabrics, asymmetrical cuts and surprising details, this line is wearable while making a powerful statement. He claims to “advocate simple but not repetitive,” but each piece in the line is complex in design and construction while reaching for a relaxed feel of street wearability. Studied casualness is in the styling combinations, but the quality of fabrics, mix of fabrics, and unusual details (jackets and pants that seem gathered throughout the silhouette), belie both the thought and craftsmanship.

– Phillip Wong –