Taoray Wang

Verve Fashion

                Taoray Wang is designed by Wang Tao who has a long history of design, initially for Junko Koshino and broadcast:bo before launching her own line in 2014.

                I saw the line for the first time in New York with this Spring/Summer 2019 collection and the sophistication, elegance and clean lines is obvious. Belted long coats, skirts and dresses cut in asymmetrical lines with zippers giving the wearer the ability to change the length of the skirt. Wang uses belts to give the wearer options on tightness and looseness. Her mixture of fabrics is smooth and natural with a soft drape in both pants and jackets. Each of her suits and separate pieces presents long, clean lines, and while the pinstripes, dark and muted colors suggest a conservative feel, options are offered in by the belting.


Part of Shanghai Ribo Fashion Group, the Taoray Wang line has the resources to provide the fabrics and labor for a beautiful presentation. but her design sensibilities creates a line that is clean, elegant, and seamless.

– Phillip Wong –