Marcel Ostertag

Verve Fashion

               Berlin-based designer, Marcel Ostertag, featured his vibrant gratitude to all of his inspirations in a collection he labeled as: “MUSE”. The line showed an array of elegance and sophistication sprinkled with disco elements gracing the runway with a representation of Ostertag’s close relationships and view of diversity.


Since his very first season, Ostertag held onto the value of sustainability and importance of avoiding niche trends. With everything being produced in Germany, he told Verve that his belief in having his clothes trickle down in generations, adorning every season and every age. reaches back to his family values. This season is no different in this aspect. Ostertag boasts his deeply rooted garments in an electric 70’s concerto versatile for any closet.


In the SS19 line, the German-born designer included ten male muses for the first time in twelve years to signify inclusion. The looks were showered with ruffles, sequins, florals, and glitter creating an extolling synergy alongside the similar female looks. His pieces show a lightness and air of fun that pervades like a Spring eternal.. Although the line followed the traditional Spring/Summer color palette, the movement of fabrics and inclusion of all color dynamics naturally encouraged a refreshing taste for all current and prospective muses.


– Leanna Franco –