Just In XX

Verve Fashion

   In my second season of viewing the work of Just In XX, I am amazed at the comment, complexity, wit of his ideas, and the beauty of his designs.

   Designed by Justin Yu-ying Chou, the Spring/Summer F@$HITION collection, shows a sophisticated humor integrated with superb design.      A stylistic icon creates a “hands on” look, with denim, camo, satins and transparencies as working material, he constructs, deconstructs, and meshes fabrics into single pieces.

   With a greater access to Western popular culture than some of his mainland Chinese counterparts (he is from Taiwan), his labels, accessories and “hands on” approach creates jeans comprised of multiple pairs of jeans. (This could look raggedy, but comes off as sexy and fascinating). He creates signage that comments (as opposed to brand dropping) in much the way Franco Moschino created commentary.

   A long oversize satin shirt-jacket shows the collection label printed over a Statue of Liberty illustration against a backdrop of New York. Since the collection label has @$ in it, is this a commentary on the American obsession with money? Earrings form the @ symbol.    The Just In XX line is high level streetwear. Pithy and eloquent in design, comment and taste, it should not be dismissed.

 – Phillip Wong –