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                    Nicola D’Errico presents a tight, small line that is classic in form. Long flowing floor length dresses with ostrich feather accents, white and beige bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns. Yellows and muted earth tones populate the line with summer, while aqua and oceanic greens add color. A short baby blue mini-dress is framed by a flowing ostrich feather cape. There weren’t enough items to create a coherent seasonal collection, but each item is targeted for an occasion.

– Phillip Wong –

                 La Piacentini’s spring line has strong hints of Woodstock and gypsy roadshows. With quilted garments and peasant dresses there were layers of lace and ruffles to produce the feel of lightness and transparency. A few striking orange and blue prints were used as mini-dresses and long flowing cuts. Ruffles edged the openings of full-length dresses and slits allowed a freer movement

   The entire line had the feel of festivals on summer evenings.

– Phillip Wong –

           Italian company Pin-Up Stars showed a line of swimwear that has clean lines and prints in a season that has two themes: optical illusion prints, and African prints. Both themes have a 60s feel, but the lines of swimwear are current and elegant without being overt.

– Phillip Wong –