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A Modo Mio   Anthony Rubio   Bad Sisters
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                A Modo Mio is designed by Francesca Sesana. Her line is fun, fearless and female. A Colombian designer, her summer line is liberally sprinkled with denims, cottons, short skirts, long skirts and combinations. Flowing, bouncing shapes reflect a Latin American influence while camouflage and blue denim lend a street wearability to the woman running daily errands around town.    Francesca Sesana’s line is consistent and doesn’t seem to vary greatly between autumn and spring.

– Phillip Wong –

   Anthony Rubio designs for dogs. Really.

Flamboyant, Ostentatious, Unapologetic, he creates a show of items for little dogs, big dogs, active dogs and watchful dogs. Their walkers or carriers are dressed in long red carpet-type pieces with sequins, feathers, body hugging, transparent gowns, but Rubio’s emphasis is on the fabrication of canine capes, sweaters, jackets and shawls.    The models don’t always seem to know what to do with a pocket pooch with a skirt, or a curious puppy darting back and forth to audience members, but they manage well.

– Phillip Wong –

            Chilean sisters Melissa, Camila, Stephanie Byrt, are the Bad Sisters who created a fashion line as a canvas for their art. With beautiful water colors of lush florals, busy bees, and astronomical paintings, are on light flowing skirts, dresses and body suits, all are imprinted with their artistry.

   It is difficult to match intricate patterns and art on material that wraps around bodies and still can be seen and appreciated, so the choice of dress, or skirt, or sleek body suit, is done carefully with both the drape and flow, and imprint in mind. A light flowing black and white striped cape covers a black and white striped sexy shirt dress – but what is stunning is the floral imprint on thigh high boots that matches the inner lining of the cape.    Models covered in body hugging body suits that feel lush with bright floral designs.

– Phillip Wong –