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                      Fernando Alberto’s work always reminds me of his skill as a designer. The Spring/Summer 2019 line is beachwear and swimwear but nothing is thrown together without thought. His swimwear is simple, elegant with a touch of sexy. His covers and summer dresses are made with material that flows and swirls in a breeze, exposes what it wants to and hides what it needs to. While this seasonal offering is modest, the ease of wear and elegance of look, repeats the quality visible in his Autumn/Winter 2018 season.

– Phillip Wong –

                      The design of Topping Design is based on a philosophy and a craft. A belief that the women who wear his designs are the focus, and the colors are enthusiastic, while the shapes flatter without overreach. Duane Toppings materials are flowing, body hugging and not overly designed.


   The story is in Duane Topping himself and is typical of Art Hearts Fashion. They present designers who come from all backgrounds and perspectives. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t quite get there. Duane Topping was released from the U.S. Army in 2012 with PTSD. Living in Colorado and looking like a biker, he found haven in sewing and with his wife, Jamie, designs a line that shows his heart and connection with the women he designs for. Exuberance and a thirst for life comes from his connection with his models, his clothes and the Art Heart Fashion audience.

– Phillip Wong –