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                        Australian model Madeline Stuart started her 21 Reasons Why – line of women’s wear to reflect her belief in a loose flowing lightweight collection. The line is less significant in it’s design than in it’s inspiration. 21 Reasons Why is named for Madeline Stuart’s inspiring desire for us to better ourselves.

   As a model with Downs Syndrome, she worked to lose enough weight to model, and has appeared globally as a model and a spokesperson for charitable causes.

   Model Madeline Stuart has been associated with Art Hearts Fashion for a number of seasons, and Spring/Summer 2019 was the launch of her fashion line.

– Phillip Wong –

                 The Argyle Grant line for Spring/Summer 2019 is mens swimwear and surfwear line. Many of the prints were bananas and flamingos with paisley bright patterns. Argyle Grant has been producing a menswear line is mostly surf cuts with a few bikini pieces. Reflecting his emphasis on surf, sand and fun, he trotted out a branded board with his logo and while the line is small, the models kept a “dude” feel on a New York runway in September.

– Phillip Wong –

                    Miami-based Lila Nikole’s swimwear line is defined by bold patterns and bold shapes. Themed on Carnivale, presumably in the Caribbean and Latin America, the line features splashy psychedelic prints, tight, interesting one-piece body shapes and then bikinis, monokinis and keyholes.

                    Swimwear is created to play in water (which means staying on while coming out of the water) or showing off (working with people who work hard on their bodies). Some swimwear can do both, but creative swimwear focuses on allowing us to see enough of the body without being distracted by too much. Nikole’s line is creative with patterns and innovative with shape.

– Phillip Wong –