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Amal Azhari   Burning Guitars   Mister Triple X
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The Lebanese designer Amal Azhari line is vibrant with color and flowing with light robes, caftan-like shapes tied with cloth belts. Lace edging accentuated many of the pieces. Tassels and feathers added to the feeling of lightness.

   Azhari has been designing since 2005, initially designing bags and caftans. Her bag line were handmade and that use luxurious fabrics such as Habutai, Tabby, Cotta, Curcuma, Cypress and Cotton Silk, becoming in demand in the Middle Eastern and North African market.

   This runway show, featuring models wearing clothing based on traditional shapes, but unique fabric combinations and fezes, was Azhari’s first show in New York.

   Streetwear brand Burning Guitars presented a colorful line of long hoodie coverups, dresses and t-shirts. The colors and prints are the focal point with splashy cartoon and comic based visuals, bold animal prints and references to popular culture. Rockstar beach clothing goes to brunch.

   Erik Rosete’s Mister Triple X line, is labeled as a streetwear line “embracing your inner rock star,” Is mostly swimwear: board shorts, square leg and briefs for men, bikinis, tankinis, one piece bandeau and triangle tops. His patterns are colorful, intricate and kaleidoscopic. As Mister Triple X develops the line (he has been showing at Art Hearts Fashion since their inception), he seems to be adding the streetwear element first as cover ups, and simple dresses. One of the final pieces was a black and white one piece V-neck body with over-sized sleeves that felt like a female version of something Steven Tyler would wear onstage.