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The Puerto Rico Issue

Photo: Phillip Wong
The Beauty Story –

The magic of Puerto Rico’s lushness, beaches, seas and skies are echoed in the colors and organic designs in Eyes of a Nation.

But it leads us to the tears and fears of a piece of America hobbled by America.

Photo: Edgardo Santana
Why Puerto Rico?

Why did Puerto Rico become an issue for us?  Our readers are interested in fashion, beauty, arts and the world around us. We looked at this and examined it more deeply.

Life of a Nation

The voices and images from Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria.

Photo: Edgardo Santana
Cartload of sugarcane near Guanica.

Birth of a Nation: The Colony, The Territory, The State



Puerto Rico’s journey from an almost-independent island to today. Debt, difficulties, America business and the United States Congress.