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So FACE Stockholm has a new line with Reebok – not at all their first collaboration with this well known sneaker company; actually, it’s their seventh. What makes this one stand out aside from the pretty pastel footwear is the addition of a playlist available on Spotify! 24 loungy tracks to be exact.


Makes sense. FACE Stockholm is a Swedish company and so is Spotify. It’s rare that a makeup line includes a three-way collaboration with a freemium music company as well as a global athletic footwear company.


I have to admit: although I prefer heels with pouty red lips, I really do like the pastel trainers! They’re a great look for sprinting around this busy city in the Spring and Summer seasons. This is of course, until they’re eventually covered with the ubiquitous city grime.


I began to wonder if the aim of FACE Stockholm was to have the shopping listener browse their online site with the loungy, feel-good-feels that these tracks evoke. We all know that music affects our mood. Since their boutique store on Prince Street in New York is no more and their boutique kiosk made a quiet exit from the first floor of the fancy-schmancy Columbus Circle mall, best bet for New Yorkers, who dislike traipsing into salons, is to buy FACE online. (I, myself am an avid fan of their lipsticks and nail polish! I actually preferred buying them in-store)


Since online shopping tends to be more transactional and in-store shopping a more tactile experience, what better way to mimic the mood of being in the boutique stores while shopping online but to compile a playlist of songs they would actually play while in the stores! It actually gives a bit of that in-store-feel while you’re browsing the site trying to match the, ‘Parla’ or ‘Ginger Matte’ lipstick to the pastel shoe of a similar hue. That is, of course, if you CHOOSE to listen to the playlist whilst browsing.


I’m most surprised that the link to the sound track list of 24 songs comprised of American and European artist is solely about the music. For example, not even the ads that interrupt the playlist are for FACE Stockholm products… that made me curious. Curious enough to browse the FS website directly. I found myself comparing the shades of the punchy new pastel makeup colours to the powdery pastels chosen for the shoes. If someone is into being, ‘matchy-matchy’ they can definitely pastel themselves from face to feet!


This is definitely not a paid endorsement. As a Beauty Editor it’s my task to stay abreast of what’s new and share it with my readers as well as write a review. Having been on the retail end of the cosmetic spectrum for quite a few years, I’m not easily impressed. I know when it’s just the same old product with new packaging.


When I see sometime as clever as a makeup company collaborating with an athletic footwear line to produce Spring colours and slips in a music track that sets the tone, then I I simply have to roll back from my shade of New York jade and openly say… “Ahhh… the beauty of good marketing!”



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Gayle Pilgrim

Beauty Editor

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