Faith Connexion – Paris

Faith Connexion is a Paris-based label with a New York flagship store. Faith Connexion calls themselves a creative tribe with a multitude of inspirations. A laboratory of young talent, experimenting in art, fashion and street culture, the tribe captures  and  elegantly  puts  forward  the  authenticity  attitude  of the  street. The collective sees itself as built up organically through layered encounters, unafraid to integrate diverse aesthetic perspectives. Street meets glamour, with graffiti artists spray painting jackets, jeans and sweatshirts, inspiration born from the walls of vacant lots. The authentic luxury of a graffiti painted-to-measure. The story unfolds, evolves and deepens with time, unchained from the traditional cycles of fashion.

This season’s byword is clear: recycle / re-use. And by literally recycling this universal theme, the Faith Connexion collective undertakes a witty exploration of dress codes with a sharp sense of parody.  The brand’s iconic pieces are thus reinterpreted through this new lens.


The message runs through the collection like a common thread, in the form of a red tuxedo stripe with black lettering. The band looks equally at home on an elegant flare trouser, on a blue jogger, and of course the brand’s indispensable wide-leg sequined trouser.  It reprints itself on the fantastic modular linings of military parkas and work wear pieces. In printed fake fur or gold sequins, the linings are reversible, offering a view of quilted interiors printed with the message “reusable,” and a space for the owner’s name. Versatility is the key, with each part detaching from the whole, allowing each wearer to compose his own garment at will.


The Faith Connexion flagship store is at 27 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013 and at