Alexa Chung

“Virginia” Collection

This March, ALEXACHUNG releases the fourth collection titled Virginia. Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, the collection features 100 Spring appropriate pieces across ready-to-wear, jewellery and shoes, all channelling the playful effervescence synonymous with the brand.

“This season’s inspiration came from writers, painters and sculptors whose lives are filled with created works of beauty. Our muse works in her worn jeans, old t-shirts, borrowed shorts; painting, creating, travelling, loving. Pay close attention to the piping, frills, embroidery and all of the Charleston

inspired prints that make up this collection”

Virginia is a celebration of art, craftsmanship, and self-expression. Drawing inspiration from the works of British painters Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, the sister of Virginia Woolf, the collection evokes a modernist intellectual tone. Both Bell and Grant were pivotal players in 20th Century painting and members of the infamous ‘Bloomsbury Group, a group of artists, poets, philosophers and writers. Throughout, Chung explores Charleston, the country haven and getaway for the group.

The collection is a play between unadulterated comfort and the austere mood of the early 1900’s. True to the lifestyle of the artistic set, oversized ruffle collars, leisurely luxe jacquard pyjamas and sumptuous paisley contrast the loose smock dresses, dungarees and paint splattered denim.

Alexa Chung’s eponymous brand ALEXACHUNG launched in May 2017.

The brand produces four seasonal collections per year and sits within the advanced contemporary category. Unfettered by the traditional fashion cycle, each collection is available at the turn of the season.

ALEXACHUNG embodies her personality and intuitive sense of style, with the principle of making great clothes for great women. The brand curates its collections in a playfully subversive way; bending long established rules of silhouette, proportion and design.

Its diverse offering of daywear, evening-wear, denim, shoes and jewellery is available in over 100 stockists worldwide and online. The brands e-commerce platform stocks the collection as well as exclusive pieces. The company designs, markets and manages distribution in-house at their headquarters in London.