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   New York Fashion Week started with an eruption of themes providing the industry with an insight on what is to come in the following season. From the insane runway presentations to Cardi B sitting next to Anna Wintour during the Alexander Wang show, lasting impressions were made this season despite the obvious reoccurrence of trends.

Anna Wintour and Cardi B at Alexander Wang – David X Prutting/

Milly – TW

Bottega Veneta – TW

Tom Ford – TW

Adam Selman – TW

R13 – WGSN

    Throughout the week, one of the trends included the pop of colors. It bolted in unexpectedly and not limited to its complement. They were paired with neutrals, with an unexpected match, or they stood alone as a monochromatic power suit creating a bold retro/80’s revival on the runways such as Milly or Bottega Veneta.

   Following this crazy Skittle explosion, many took it into a different approach utilizing it in rubbery textures or in faux fur. It spread out in a wide map of directions. It had no limits. Adam Selman brought the colors in fur, silky jumpsuits, and also in a parachute color block dress that children loved to play with in elementary school, while Christian Siriano followed the glamorous disposition we’re familiar with, using the colors in elegant faux fur outerwear.

If you’re reading this and you’re still not convinced of this valiant theme covering all aspects of the runway, well I’m sorry to say that it also touched on streetwear. R13 put out a show with the popular utility wear, crewnecks, hoodies, and beanies. All spiced with a dash of a contrasting element.

VFILES, known for their eccentric and culturally diverse community, held a live photoshoot during their “fashion and music experience” showcasing the collaboration with Adidas. The Individuality and expression of color is no big news to the VFILES audience and in this season, they’ve struck again as a strong purveyor of streetwear.

It’s safe to say that it’s time throw away your color wheels. The pizzazz is in and colors are now seen to be open to interpretation. Rules can be neglected and can still be deemed as attractive and pleasing. Subtlety is no longer in the playing field.

– Leanna Franco –

Marc Jacobs – WGSN

Christian Siriano – WGSN

VFiles – WGSN