Kind of Blue . . . 

 . . . was recorded in two sessions on March 2, and April 22, 1959 by Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane and Julian “Cannonball” Adderly.

   Kind of Blue has been regarded by many jazz critics as the best, and most influential albums of all time. It was recorded with Miles Davis giving each of the participating musicians pieces of melody and scale lines on which to improvise. There was no rehearsal, and none of the musicians had much idea of what they were to play.

Jimmy Cobb, playing drums, said: “it must have been made in heaven.”

About his choice to move away from the more traditional chord progressions in Bebop jazz, Davis said, in an interview with Nat Hentoff, in The Jazz Review, “No chords … gives you a lot more freedom and space to hear things. When you go this way, you can go on forever.”

Another Kind of Blue  . . .

 . . .  is our acknowledgement to that free-flowing uninhibited, unafraid plunge into improvisation. Taking a chance. Believing in freedom, space and each other. Trusting the flow, the elegance of self.

  1. Vlad collar and leather demi-bra World Domination
  2. Raw-edged leather gauntlets and leather thong – World Domination
  3. Leather Saxony hood and leather demi-bra – World Domination
  4. Leather winged gauntlets and leather thong – World Domination
  5. Leather laser Laura dress – Carla Dawn Behrle – Leather G-string – World Domination
  6. Leather snap-front dickie and leather thong – World Domination
Photography and Creative Direction:    Phillip Wong
Styling:   Phillip Wong
Make-up/Hair:   Pilgrim
Models:   Marloes Stevens – Supreme NYC